“Profusion” Zinnia

This Friday Flowers edition is from my vegetable garden where I planted zinnias, petunias, and marigolds to bring beneficial insects to the garden. The butterflies love them the zinnias! Here is a Pearl Crescent, one of the most common butterflies, but I had never looked closely at it until I took this picture. Just look at those lacy markings!



2 responses to ““Profusion” Zinnia”

  1. Lovely photo, Shannon. Lately, I’ve had old-fashioned petunias on my mind. Glad you wrote about zinnias. My late mom used to talk about them a lot.

    • Thank you for reading, Tom! I’ve always loved zinnias. There are so many varieties to choose from any more though. I used to plant petunias near my white roses to keep the Japanese beetles off of them, but the April blizzard this year killed most of my roses. I have a couple of longer posts coming about the aftermath of that storm. I do have petunias in hanging baskets, and they are as pretty as ever!

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